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Undude, Fox Medicine, Rad Max


Undude began in 2016 with Jeremy Grey – guitar and vocals, and Peter Benzinger, bass and vocals. Formerly ‘Pastor of Muppets’, they played raucous pop-metal in then-drummer Ryan Howey’s SE Portland basement. Like many rock and roll tragedies, marriage and career inevitably took priority and Howey moved to Beijing, China to work for the government with his new wife.
Seeking solace for their suffering, the remaining rockers Benzinger and Grey found refuge in meditation circles where they met experienced drummer Dustin Woodman, with influences ranging from hip-hop to twang.
Gestation began and “mindful grunge” was birthed, with 90’s-esque power-trio meets existential exploration. If Kurt Cobain, Brian Wilson and the Dalai Llama had a threesome in outer space, the impossible baby would sound like Undude.

Fox Medicine met at a Melvins show in Chicago. Their sound is heavy glittery noise. They like secluded areas and are rarely social. Their influences are stoner rock, doom metal, post punk, peanut butter and good beer.

Rad Max is a hard-edged trash pop band from Portland, OR. Voted most likely to play the music for a training montage in a Stallone flick, they sing preposterous and catchy songs about mall culture, neurological disorders, ghosts, Tom Hanks movies, and love.
Rad Max

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