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Whotfiswalker, Great Year


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Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, Drowner evokes memories of the late 90’s and early 2000’s nu-metal sound drawing inspiration from the likes of Deftones and Linkin Park while adding modern songwriting sensibilities to create a sound entirely their own. Drowner came together summer of 2021 when they began writing their debut EP “Holding on to Life” which released in spring of 2022. Drowner stretches the possibilities of their genre and challenges conventionality with soaring vocals and pained, emotional screams backed by blazing riffs and technical drum beats that all coincide with soul bearing lyrics, culminating in the sound of a new wave of nu-metal.

Whotfiswalker? An artist who lives at the edges of music, fashion, and an unbridled energy for performance. Walker doesn’t ask for your attention, he commands it. 
 Walker’s music is an eclectic collection of high octane, in your face alternative hip hop that is dripping equal parts confidence, purposeful ignorance, and extremely honest songwriting. 
 Hailing from Portland, OR, Walker doesn’t believe he’s going to be your new favorite artist, he knows it.

Great Year (FKA harmless)

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