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Matti Joy, New Here


TNDRGRL debuted June 2022 serving an eclectic slew of rock and roll with dirty blues licks and jazz undertones. Joey Mozzarella on the drums and Kobi on the bass create an energetic and sophisticated rhythm section, Chleaux on the vox, and Cap’n Crib on guitar with primal riffs that bring it home and will never leave you on read We are four friends committed to playing fun and hopefully interesting music. As we tackle this thing called life together, we hope that the art we share will inspire creativity, positivity, love, community, and an overall sense of belonging to wherever you may hail from. Long story short, we want you to know that whatever your passions are they are worthy of time and attention. So please, join us in ours.

Matti Joy
Matti Joy presents a new liturgy for the modern peacemaker via songwriting and performances that speak to the power of place and how community can meaningfully change how people interact and support one another. Her lyrical voice and delicate fingerstyle guitar draw the listener in while engaging the audience in story after story of navigating queer grief and love, religious trauma, climate anxiety, the importance of mental health, disturbing political machinations, and ultimately a sincere hope for a better future.

New Here
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OSHA Violations regretfully cannot perform tonight. Stay tuned to catch them next time.

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