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Stimpak Bath, Glossolalia Swamp, DTH DRV, Petscop

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Stimpak Bath
Stimpak Bath is a collaborative performance and musical project between artists Ava Huff (Orchid Tooth) and Alim Ringgold (Neolith). Two traveling spirit medics collect and synthesize scavenged materials, organic matter, sounds, and experiences along their journeys through landscapes littered with the remains of worlds passed. With an alchemical intent to administer a sonic tincture to aid in unifying mind and body with the obscure, esoteric, and spiritual facets of existence, Stimpak Bath surrounds you in a field of microscopic textures, disembodied voices, and regenerative rhythms.

Glossolalia Swamp
“glossolalia swamp is the avant-everything/experimental electronic (sometimes electroacoustic) project of the Houston-born, Louisiana-raised, Portland-based, queer and nonbinary multimedia artist Jair. Inspired by dichotomies amd juxtapositions: the ordered chaos of the universe, the chaotic order of Bach, improvisation, composition, this, that and everything betwixt, Jair’s work aims to act as a conduit for exploring, experimenting and, hopefully, expanding the outer limits of the expression of our ineffable, innermost selves, sonic and otherwise. Jair’s melting-pot influences that can be oft-heard in their work are African rhythms, Peking opera, jazz and noise, Indian ragas, South American music, nature and futurism. Jair utilizes a variety of mediums including but not limited to modular synths, Max/MSP, Arduino, video/film, writing, and fashion.

DTH DRV (pronounced “Death Drive”) is the solo project of Roxy Light (Failed Life, Monolithic Witch) a self described “bullshit artist” located in Portland, OR. DTH DRV is best described as the sound of emotional collapse in a world constantly about to implode. Influenced by and in reaction to the trends of self destruction in the decadence of Western society, DTH DRV is at once both cathartic and aggressive, offering little restraint and comfort. Drone, harsh noise, and the most primitive doom metal fuzz, all from one woman and her bass guitar.
Expect hypnotic waves of distortion and feedback entering realms of formless, harrowing soundscapes.
This show will be the first solo performance of DTH DRV. It will also be recorded for future release.


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