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New Jangles

Hard Times (SLC), Lazy Universe


New Jangles is an alternative rock band formed by two brothers, Nathan and Joel Whited in Vancouver, Washington. Their music combines modern rock with elements of roots rock while being heavily influenced by the early garage rock and psychedelic music of the 1960’s as well as the garage rock revival and psychedelic music of the 2000’s.

Joel and Nathan are the primary songwriters and both sing, play guitar and bass, and occasionally trade off instruments during performances. Joel plays upright bass and piano as well.

They had both been involved with music individually for sometime before they decided to make music together in 2007. The first song they ever wrote and recorded together was “Break In Casually”, which was subsequently released as their first single in October 2008, along with the B-sides “I Wish” and “Loose Ends”.

During the summer of 2008 Joel and Nathan began playing shows locally under the moniker “The New Jangles” and recruited Jeff Repman on drums, a former band-mate of Joel’s. After a summer of playing shows as a three piece, Jeff’s long time friend and neighbor Matthew Perkins joined the band and has since added organ, piano, or electric piano parts to a majority of their songs, as well as become an additional songwriter and singer for the band.

They released their 7 track debut EP album titled “The Hoax” in August 2010, and online September 14th 2010.

In February of 2011 The New Jangles won second place at a battle of the bands held at the Roseland theater in Portland Oregon, in which 45 bands different competed. The prize they received was 10 hours of recording time at Dig Recording Studio, then located in Downtown Portland. The band took advantage of this on May 7th 2011, and in one 10 hour session recorded all the preliminary tracks for what is planned to be their first full length studio album.

The album is titled “Broken Pathways” and was released independently October 24th 2017.

Hard Times (Salt Lake City)

The Lazy Universe swirls reverby guitars and warm female harmonies together with musical influences of psychedelic, country, stoner-rock, and a hint of Latin. The lyrical content is unusual and represents the downtrodden: self-harmers, schizophrenic teens, single mothers of down-syndrome children, and wild-west prostitutes are all represented.

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