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Christa Buckland and the Broken Hearted

D. H. Scott, Tobias Berblinger


Christa Buckland and the Broken Hearted

D. H. Scott is a songwriter born in Bakersfield, CA and now resides in New Mexico. Scott spent his youth busking with his banjo and saw, hitchhiking and getting swept away in beautiful music, places, and people. It is easy to feel all that life and kindness, in his music and in his presence. Well traveled, a music lover with a giant heart, Scott writes simple folk songs on his guitar, his voice and words are sad, yet strong. Ballads of darker times on top of an often cheerful silver stringed guitar which he flawlessly picks, every note necessary and deliberate, his songs roll like a stream. These are songs that are going to keep you company, just like the friend DH Scott is to many folks along his forever tour, or perhaps they’ll remind you the simple joy of forever rambling alone.

Tobias Berblinger
While it’s a little less popularly known than the rock ‘n’ roll and pop arcs of the same period, country music in the 1960s and 1970s also had its own counter-cultural flowering as influential voices within the genre rejected the Nashville country elites, cross-pollinated with West Coast psychedelia, and re-embraced the weird, old, melancholic strain of Americana that’s been present in all music of the North American continent for centuries. Tobias Berblinger’s The Luckiest Hippie Alive makes deft use of a host of lesser known yet long appreciated country and folk influences that have remained on the tongue of many a critic and tastemaker for some decades now, as the mainstream country music machine continues to churn out bland, soulless schlock readymade for truck stop shitters all across the nation. Culling together some hook-laden songcraft with a strong nod to many of Berblinger’s obvious influences, including outlaw and cosmic country luminaries such as Gram Parsons, Blaze Foley, and Townes Van Zandt, et al, The Luckiest Hippie Alive is a strong record that’s memorable and often hilarious, wearing its influences on its sleeve while still managing to fully hit its own stride.

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