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A Songwriter’s Round

Amanda Ruth, Mack John, Michelle Thibodeux, Alex Whiler

TICKETS $10/12

Amanda Ruth
Amanda Ruth is a singer songwriter born in Cary, Illinois and raised by the quaint and quirky city of Portland, Oregon. She enjoys writing songs about her life, playing guitar, and subjecting various local bars and cafes to her angst. She recorded her first songs on an iPad in her moms basement but has since graduated to making music on a laptop in her bedroom. Through her music she strives to find her most authentic voice and share her take on the ups, downs and middles of the human experience.

Mack John
Mack John is the type of artist who watches reality tv and then writes a song about the shame she feels when she watches reality tv. Poignant, vulnerable, and playful, Mack offers her listeners a refuge from socially prescribed expectations and a place to embrace their authentic selves.

Michelle Thibodeux

Alex Whiler
Everything, good or bad, only lasts a while. Alex Whiler puts words and music to the feelings that accompany her in both pain and peace, stopping to smell the flowers either way.

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