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Arran Fagan

John Lensing, Claire Conway

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Arran Fagan
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Praised for his introspective lyrics and vivid storytelling, Portland-based folk artist Arran Fagan has garnered a following in his native Oregon with his uncanny ability to weave the personal and universal. After getting his start in the grassroots music scene of Southern Oregon, Arran has spent the greater part of his life pursuing music, creating wistful and evocative songs that explore themes that connect us all—loss, addiction, change, and the endless passage of time.

John Lensing
I started out as a street performer, writing songs and driving around the country to play them for people. Slowly, this led to playing more proper shows, but the goal has always been the same. to make people care — about others, themselves, and things that sometimes hurt to care about. I hope you find something helpful and honest here – John 🌈

Claire Conway
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Raised on country radio in her hometown of Charleston, South Carolina, Claire Conway was drawn to storytelling from an early age. She wrote her first song at ten years old, and soon became eager to grow as an artist in any way she could: painting, writing poems, playing guitar. She would go on to study in an intensive creative writing program at a local high school for the arts, simultaneously crafting her first EP, “Ocean’s Edge,” a glimpse into her teenage years in and out of love.
Lyrically, Claire Conway is wise, graceful, and honest. Her songs are dreamy, vivid portraits of her life backed by simple riffs, soft harmonies and moody slide guitar, eliciting comparisons to contemporary indie-folk acts like Waxahatchee and First Aid Kit. Claire’s evolution as a songwriter was evident in her 2019 EP, “Missing,” a cathartic reflection on the birth and death of a relationship and a first taste of life away from home.
Claire’s latest EP, “Be Good,” is both a product of the pandemic and a deeply personal project years in the making. Recorded in a Los Angeles apartment while quarantined, it echoes all-too-familiar themes of isolation and self-discovery, divulging the details with unmatched intimacy. “Amsterdam” is a nod to the narrative at the heart of her last EP, while singles “Be Good” and “I Don’t Wanna Be Alone” read more like diary entries, chronicling a story of a young woman discovering herself, the way she relates to others, and her place in the middle of it all.

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