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Atrocity Girl (SEA)

Karen Caskets, Fox Medicine

TICKETS $10/13

Atrocity Girl
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“‘Ready ladies?’ called out front woman Johnny Angel, turning to her band mates beside her at Seattle’s Substation. ‘Let’s fucking do it!’ And, with that, the era of Atrocity Girl began. But the band – comprised of rumbling vocalist Johnny, lightening-strike drummer Angie, thunderous guitarist Ryan, and quaking bassist Nicole, aims to do more than just play good music. Atrocity Girl plays hard- hitting rock ‘n’ roll. Vocals growl and shout, guitars hammer and drums crash. It’s mesmeric. With their combined creative spirits, the quartet is assured to deliver power at each step moving forward.” – Jake Uitti
Atrocity Girl sets out to Scotland for a mini-tour of the UK this Spring. Their self-titled debut album was recently released and was beautiful reviewed by New Riot Inc. Their work in music production and audio engineering was also highlighted in a Seattle Times article.

Karen Caskets
Three-piece sludge pop band Karen Caskets was born during the pandemic in Portland, OR when two solo indie-rock-indie-folk musicians decided to turn up the fuzz and form a louder-than-heck grunge band. Carl Caskets and Kitty Caskets (later joined by Shag Caskets on drums) created the mythology of Karen Caskets–legendary mortician and embalmer who directed her own funeral… from the grave. They released their first full-length record Gravitron –chock full of loud 90s alternative bangers -in 2022.

Fox Medicine
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Fox Medicine is a two piece.
They play heavy raw fuzz in a hypnotic fashion, and call it BUBBLEGUM DOOM.
If it were a color it would be Pastel Metal with sprinkles and spikes.
Neezy Dynamite plays guitars and sings. Vanny plays drums. SUPER hard.
Two piece synergy on point.
Their shows are grounding and chaotic
WITH MAJOR healing properties.

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