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Billy & the Kidz

Rad Max, The Shit Fits


Billy & the Kidz
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The female-fronted glam rock band ‘Billy & the Kidz’ stormed into the west coast music scene in fall of 2021 with their unforgettable dress and glitter. The rockers pay homage to the theatrics and grandeur of the 1980s in both fashion and music- while putting their own modern twist on each. Even though they started barely a year ago playing local house shows, ‘Billy & the Kidz’ quickly realized they wanted more. Their debut Single release ‘Dropout’ allowed them to spark a west-coast tour from Seattle to Hollywood! They hope it will be the first of many, as their dream is to paint the stadiums of the world in Glitter, Leather, and Glam Rock revival.

Rad MAx
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Rad Max is a rad wave dance punk band from Portland, OR. They were voted most likely to play the training montage song in a straight-to-video b-movie. In between so-bad-it’s-rad movie nights, this band blasts out ridiculous songs about alien radios, convenience stores, and magical shutter shades.

The Shit Fits

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