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The Holy Catholic Social Club

Blue Wisteria, The Martyr, Cody Vonier


The Holy Catholic Social Club

Blue Wisteria
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Blue Wisteria formed in 2019 as the musical project of filmmaker, skateboarder, and singer-songwriter Glo. With support from synth player/ sister Luna Sol and drummer Thomas Jenkins, the band have combined noise rock and synth pop to create luscious sound collages while Glo’s often autobiographical lyrics detail and outline her musings of everyday life and experience. After releasing an EP in 2021, pieced together in the wake of the COVID-19 lockdowns, the band are gearing up to release their debut album Sucrose. Coming in at a short and sweet 25 mins, Sucrose presents a fully realized Blue Wisteria with all their poise, curiosity, and melancholy wrapped in a neat, 8-track package. More songs and sonic exploration are the only logical predictions for this group looking to expand their fanbase by touring and continuing to perfect their crafts as songwriters and sonic inquisitors.

The Martyr
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Cody Vonier

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