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Bonsai Trees

Grimiss, Vonnie Kyle


Bonsai Trees
FB: @bonsaitreesband
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Often categorized as indie-rock with distinct traces of emo influence, Bonsai Trees continues to produce new music and recently released Hope Ya Do as a follow up to last year’s fan-favorite Apology Note. The band relentlessly traveled North America to promote their 3rd album Learn To Grow, an energetic and melodic 10-track collection filled to the brim with memorable hooks and turbulent emotion. ​Learn to Grow was one of The Hartford Courant’s top pics for 2019 and in the same year Bonsai Trees won the New England Music Award for best band in Connecticut. With an extensive touring history and an impressive catalog of releases, the band has been laser-focused on the upcoming release of a new body of work which they believe is ‘bigger and better’. Stay tuned.

FB: @kissmygrimiss
IG: @kissmygrimiss
Tristina Bumgarner, a multi-eyed wheel of angelic vocal fury and Ryan Tippmann, a cybernetic necromancer of guitars and drum machines join cosmic forces to become Grimiss. Together they continually vanquish the demonic forces of inanity and boredom with celestial hymns of ‘fuck yeah’ energy.

Vonnie Kyle
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Sit Pretty regretfully had to withdraw from this show. Follow them on Facebook or Instagram to learn about their next show!

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