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BR Mount and the Doubt

Marcus Angeloni (& his Goodtime Medicine Show), Amy Bleu Duo


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Br Mount and the Doubt
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In the face of all the hardships that this world has to offer, B.R. Mount and The Doubt are here to offer some musical comfort. What was once the solo endeavor of singer-songwriter Brendon Roy Mount, quickly expanded to be a 4-piece collaborative effort when Mount came to the realization that he would probably need a full band if he truly wanted to execute his music live. Thus, guitarist Danny Welch, bassist Troy Ramsey, and drummer Kaleb Shields were welcomed to the project, and “The Doubt” was born. Their forthcoming release Rumors of Light is their debut record as a full band, and clearly displays the outfit’s growth into a more fully fleshed-out sound. The band’s refreshingly authentic DIY approach shines through song after song, giving the album a distinct edge without ever coming off as amateur or unrefined. Rumors of Light features tried and true rock & roll tunes– sprinkled with folksy charm, trippy psyched-out moments, and just the right amount of modern twang.

Marcus Angeloni (& his Goodtime Medicine Show)

Amy Bleu Duo
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Amy Bleu is a singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist based in Portlland. Bleu grew up on the road, hearing relentless melodies and accompanying stories in her head. She frequently tours the West coast and helps other artists with bookings in Portland and Seattle.

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