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Cobra Thief, Humungo


Hidden Shrines presents:

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Breath’s performance is filled with an atmosphere of spiritual waveforms, shaped by Eastern practices and philosophies and much more. Their approach hits with the precision and depth of a well oiled machine, filling the air with a sound that isn’t normally heard from a 2-piece band like this. Their uniqueness puts them in the same realm along modern bands heavy, wise and mighty such as Eagle Twin.

Cobra Thief
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Cobra Thief came together in a tiny Portland Oregon rehearsal space on a cold January day in 2017. The immediate and long term goal is to get sonically heavy, something we all have been waiting to do on our own individual musical journeys. Within our weekly jams and figuring out who we are as a band, we unconsciously put together our influences. We found common ground on the epicness of Led Zeppelin, the boundary destroying Jimi Hendrix, the dark street action of The Stooges, guitar through large bass cabinet pulse of Kyuss, the cosmic reach of Soundgarden’s and Leslie West’s infinite, pentatonic assault. The plain are obvious. The obvious is boring. Cobra Thief are neither.

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Heavy psych / evil jazz / astronaut doom trio from the bowels Portland, OR.

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