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Brendan Cope

Andrew Ash, New Body Electric

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Brendan Cope
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Currently residing in Portland, OR brendan cope is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer.
Often composing music that is a conglomerate of influences he is in almost all settings unwilling to answer the questions “what kind of music do you make?” Though in the moments the question is posed, he will look to floor and muster a loosely comprehensive, and overly rushed explanation of the conceptual ideation that is providing the current inspiration for his sonic palette.
With each release brendan stays close to his artist statement. That the music is for the listener as much as it is for him. The process of creating the music gives it life to him. It lives in a multitude of timestamps that he shares with every piece of each composition. However, what the meaning found to the end listener does not need to be dictated by the content of the music. The ultimate goal for his music is to provide a place for the listener to go. A place that lives alongside the world around the listener or completely removes the listener from their current setting. Ultimately, it is his hope that the songs he creates become an inspiration that the listener falls in love with in the same way he has fallen in love with so many of his inspirations.

Andrew Ash
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Andrew Ash is an upcoming pop singer/songwriter from Portland, Oregon, who has a knack for fusing genres, whilst staying true to his pop roots. The artist has the vocals of Olly Alexander, the instrumentation of Phil Collins, and dance moves reminiscent of his icon, Britney Spears.

New Body Electric
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