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Postponed: Buffalo Jones

The Lo-Hi, Jaycob Van Auken


Buffalo Jones
Produced by David Lowery and engineered/mixed by Drew Vandenberg at Chase Park Transduction in Athens, GA, Buffalo Jones’ Standing By showcases Spokane, Washington Buffalo Jones’ alt-country indie rock and makes a strong argument for induction into your regular record rotation. Buffalo Jones is Jason Johnson (lead vocals, guitar), Brandon Humphreys (lead guitar), Andy Rumsey (bass), Joshua Martin (drums).

The Lo-Hi are what would happen if 1980 and now had a rocker kid

Jaycob Van Auken‘s style is incisive and genuine. He is a rock classicist with a singer-songwriter streak. His propensity for blending rock, blues, folk and country allows his songs to move in various directions, while keeping the same destination. It’s easy to swamp him with flattering comparisons. Finding a home somewhere in the midst of Tom Petty, Lyle Lovett, Van Morrison and The Faces, Van Auken is somewhat akin to acoustic folk-blues, not quite country, and can rock loud like the best red-blooded Amercians. The expressive immediacy of his voice is distinctive and demands attention, calling to mind the soulful songs recorded back in Muscle Shoals, as well as the rock classics heard in his mom’s van while growing up.

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