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Chris Newman Deluxe Combo, Gin and Tillyanna, Pistol Whiplash

Chris Newman Deluxe Combo: February 1964 Chris Newman missed Sunday night church services and was forever altered by Ed Sullivan’s showcase of the Beatles. He then realized he wanted to be a “Beatle”. Newman has written and performed his original music in the Northwest since 1972. His band The Untouchables showcased at Portland’s Long Good-bye club May 18th, 1980. Mount St. Helens blew that day and they went on to erupt on stage spewing forth an exciting blend of Punk and Avant Garde blues based rock. Newman’s music constantly evolves through time, influenced by all that he experiences in his walk thru time.
Chris Newman Deluxe Combo

Gin and Tillyanna
Gin and Tillyanna

Pistol Whiplash: Two women singin’ songs about Whiskey, ill repute, heartache, whiskey, shootin’, boots, and tryin’ to be women of virtue.
Pistol Whiplash

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