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datamami. kudako, emoji heap, Daniel Shinseki, Taylor


CLUB PRIZMATiQ is a party created for dancers and dance music enthusiasts alike conceptualized by datamami taking the Portland club experience through a portal to the east coast spotlighting breaks, vocal chops, and undeniably danceable rhythms with love and respect for the roots of club music: disco, house, funk, and, afro/latin dance elements.

datamami is a DJ and music producer from Tucson, AZ residing in Portland for the last 7 years. They are the host of the Twitch stream CLUB PRIZMATiQ, a co-host of monthly dance session Rat Room and a member of the artist collective Mischief. They have played on RINSE FM and have thrown countless parties and been part of numerous community events in Portland. In a datamami set, you can expect to hear house, ballroom, and east coast club music such as Jersey Club, Philly Club and Baltimore Club. They navigate the world of dance music with a single unifying principle: community is what makes the music– people make music– not the other way around. By serving people and dancers first, their DJ sets represent a tumultuous refinement of craft, but also a reflection of the energy of those people around them who they love and hold closely.

Raised by punk, emo, and other alternative influences, kudako was set on a path of critical engagement with society, history, and politics. Growing up in the sonoran desert of Tucson, AZ, kudako sifted through countless artists, websites, and genres in search of a musical home where house came to encapsulate everything beautiful in music: the human touch, togetherness, and ofcourse – the groove. Relatively new to the art of DJ’ing, kudako’s sets engage in the rich history of house music bringing in disco, soul, afrobeats, latin percussion, and breaks. There’s always room for rhythm and dance with music from kudako.

Daniel Shinseki
Daniel (he/they) is a dancer and music producer from Portland, who became involved in the freestyle dance community through 11 dance co in 2018. Since then, they have trained in various styles such as house, breaking, hip hop and vogue fem. As a musician, they describe their sounds as soulful, synthy, groovy and meditative, pulling inspiration from artists like Lonnie Liston Smith, Nala Sinephro, and Mndsgn.

Taylor is a visual artist / dancer / person who currently lives in Portland.
They love collaborating on creative projects of all sorts and are currently working on a zine series called LOOM

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