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Cody Weathers

Vonnie Kyle, Amy Bleu


Cody Weathers
FB: @CodyWeathersMusic
IG: @CodyWeathersMusic
T: @CodyWeathers
Cody Weathers and the Men Your Mama Warned You About play rhythmic, bluesy, atmospheric scat-rock that’s different and uniquely beautiful every time.

Vonnie Kyle
FB: @vonniekyle
IG: @vonniekyle
T: @vonniekyle

Amy Bleu
IG: @amy.bleu
Amy Bleu is a singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist based in Portlland. Bleu grew up on the road, hearing relentless melodies and accompanying stories in her head. She frequently tours the West coast and helps other artists with bookings in Portland and Seattle.

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