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Dante Marino

Age of Majority

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Dante Marino
IG: @dantemarinomusic
FB: @dantemarinomusic
Dante Marino is a powerful live artist that began drawing attention from the public after releasing popular original songs and unique covers on YouTube. It’s hard to believe that everything you hear on Dante Marino’s debut EP “Swallowed by the Sun” is just one person. All of the reggae-styled rhythms, the electrifying guitar solos, chest thumping drum fills, groovy bass lines, and gentle yet powerful vocals are coming from him, in his self-produced, home made record.

Age of Majority
FB: @AgeofMajorityMusicGroup
IG: @age_of_majority
Age of Majority is a psychedelic groove driven Rock and Roll band based out of Portland, Oregon who’s sound can only be described as having an ear to the past but eyes on the future. Founded by Ivan Vee, AoM started as a two piece with his brother Metaworldbeats on drums. With the return of live shows following COVID lockdowns, Vee expanded the band to a four piece to broaden the sonic capabilities of AGE of MAJORITY’s catalog. The band consists of Gabriel Perrin on drums – Aaron “The Baron” Studebaker on bass – Nick “Anonymous” on guitar – and guitar/lyricist Ivan Vee. AoM has been making a name for themselves in the local rock scene and even had the honor of playing at the legendary Dante’s Inferno opening for the Seattle group Chris Jones Band. AoM has been hitting the studio hard an are going to be releasing their first single on Halloween 2021. and remember… 🤟They Rock🤟✌️because✌️🤘You Rock🤘

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