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Gary V

Dining Dead (SEA), Willernie, Tommy Jack Pieper


Monarch Presents

Gary V
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Originally from Durban, South Africa, Gary V (fka Prism Tats) relocated to the U.S. after years of playing in local bands and working on solo projects. In 2014 he founded Prism Tats, and in 2015 landed a deal with ANTI- after being discovered at SXSW. Since his self-titled debut arrived in 2016, Gary V has landed support slots with indie-rock icons like Guided By Voices and Nada Surf, toured on his own and with a band, and continued to write and record steadily. In 2018 he released his sophomore effort Mamba on ANTI-.

Dining Dead
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Dining Dead is a Seattle based music project consisting of Seattle natives Emma Hayes (guitar) and Sammy Skidmore (vocals, guitar) with Bogie Pieper (drums) and Zach Alva (bass) both hailing from California. Dining Dead is a blend of West Coast style and the American South, combining moody, melancholy twang and soul-baring songwriting with edgy, lyric heavy, surf rock-inspired licks to create their unique Northwest-inspired sound.

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Separate beginnings strung together by a shared love of music-making, Willernie pulls upon heartstrings special to the magic borne from minutia, times’ passage, and deep feelings. An homage to her hometown, Cleo Knickerbocker (lead guitar) formed Willernie in 2019 in a pre-pandemic world alongside Mat Larimer (bass). 2020’s isolation was a crucial player in the development of Knickbocker’s first EP, “Betty”, instilling new life and meaning into the project. In 2021, Anna Brown (guitar), Tommy Diaz (cello), and Mitch McDonald (drums), joined Willernie; all were randomly connected through intertwining social circles, the internet, and a shared love of creating musical and emotional soundscapes. Belonging is at the core of Willernie’s music, and similarly to the band’s trajectory to one another, it serves to draw listeners in and feel at home.

Tommy Jack Pieper
Tommy Jack Pieper is currently a songwriter/singer from the real California. Their grappling with the creative impulse has led to the release of many projects over the course of the last 5 years- since they began working under their given name. Their art-damaged-sad-bastard sound is as typical/unremarkable as it is self-serious and navel-gazing. Having put out the albums “Happy Fuckin’ Valentine’s Day” and “Elvis” in 2022- to intimate and very select pockets of acclaim-, they are currently working on “Jung in His Tower”, to be released during the first quarter of 2023. They are also working on quitting smoking.

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