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Welcome to Disowned.

Comics tell you their jokes, then their parents tell you what they thought. LIVE!
Four comedy sweethearts take the stage to make you laugh…while a member of their family is projected live behind them.
After the set, host Jenna Vesper will engage in an endearing Q&A with the family member about their darling angel and what they JUST said on stage.
Will it be awkward? Likely.
Will we hear about childhood memories that embarrass the comic? Probably.
Will it be adorable as heck??? DEFINITELY!

Featuring the following rambunctious kiddos:

Aaron Harleman
Dylan Carlino
Bobby Higley
Rochelle Cote

To round out this family affair, our talented, collective grandpa, Ira Novos will be on the keys delighting us with his musical interludes.

Come out to this hilarious family reunion and leave making a note to call your moms/dads/gma/uncle/sister/favorite bartender the next day…they’d really like that.

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