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Nine Deer, Swetbabyjames


emerging from the lush landscapes of mid-valley oregon like a farm cat cropping up from ryegrass, dooley is a hypnotic musical ensemble intertwined by bonds of enduring friendship spanning over the course of more than a decade. tempered by a diverse array of auditory adventures, the band weaves together their distinctive sounds into an enchanting and eclectic tapestry of celestial indie rock.
at the core of their melodic creation lies a tender homegrown essence, reflecting the very soil from which their soundscapes spring. drawing inspiration from terrestrial and ethereal realms alike, dooley’s music resonates with verdant textures and spectral melodies that sweep listeners into a cosmic dreamscape. evident in their bubbling concoctions are subtle nods to the raw, bittersweet emotional energy of 90s emo, blended together with plunderphonic soundscapes, simmered in a smattering of pop, and spiced with intricate jazz harmonies before being decanted and bottled with a light dose of psychedelia to delight the listener’s senses. in the midst of this aural petrichor, one phrase holds particular significance: “dooley means truck.” a statement both literal and metaphorical, it encapsulates the band’s ethos—a journey of artistic evolution, sonic exploration, and unwavering unity. just as a truck carries its cargo forward with steadfast reliability, dooley carries the weight of emotions, harmonies, aspirations, and dreams, propelling themselves and their audience down the highway toward new euphonic horizons.

Nine Deer
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Nine Deer is an experimental indie project based in Portland, OR featuring queer vocalist/songwriter Nic Kielbasa, Caden Clinton (Drummer for Pool Kids), and a rotating cast of friends and musicians. Their Debut EP, Need, was released June 23, 2022.

James Alexander (aka sweetbabyjames) is a queer Portland-based DJ. With music roots in Montana, James’ inspirations pull from his experiences of living and working in the Rockies. Sounds like: a love letter to the classic sounds of Japanese ambient and new-wave minimalist synth.

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