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Emerging Virgins

MARE, Grimiss


Emerging Virgins
FB: @Emerging-Virgins
IG: @emergingvirgins

IG: @maretheband
If you’ve ever beheld a horse and thought to yourself, “Holy fucking shit, that’s the most metal creature I’ve ever seen. So powerful, yet so ethereal. I could ride through the gates of Hell on the back of that large friend,” MARE understands you. Pioneers of the rapidly growing micro-sub-genre Horse Metal, these three emotionally intelligent and shockingly beautiful women will rock your hooves off faster than you can say “Giddy up, buttercup!” This is music to get-high-and-french-braid-your-best-friend’s-hair-under-a-black-light to. Whether you’re into centaurs, unicorns, or straight up Satan, MARE is sure to steal your heart (and your soul).

FB: @kissmygrimiss
IG: @kissmygrimiss
Tristina Bumgarner, a multi-eyed wheel of angelic vocal fury and Ryan Tippmann, a cybernetic necromancer of guitars and drum machines join cosmic forces to become Grimiss. Together they continually vanquish the demonic forces of inanity and boredom with celestial hymns of ‘fuck yeah’ energy.

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