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Everything and Nothing

Esau Hamadanyan, Jane Malone, Coor Cohen

TICKETS $10/15

Everything and Nothing with Kris Cox and Charlie Hickmott is a comedy podcast that features live performances from creatives, followed by in-depth discussions with the hosts. The show is known for its unique format, which combines live performances with candid conversations about life, comedy, and mental health.

The hosts, Kris Cox and Charlie Hickmott, are both entertainers themselves, and they bring a wealth of experience and humor to the show. They have a great chemistry and their conversations are always engaging and entertaining. They also have a knack for getting performers to open up about their personal lives, which makes for some truly compelling moments.

The show is also known for its games segment, where the hosts and guests play games that are both funny and thought-provoking. This segment is a great way to break up the conversation and add some levity to the show.


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Hosted by
Kris Cox
Charlie Hickmott

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