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Family Mansion

Them Badgers, Caleb and the Monsters


Family Mansion
IG: @familymansion
Family Mansion is an indie/pop duo based out of Portland, OR, driven by stompy rhythms, celebratory moments, and dreamy, digestible lyrics.

Them Badgers
IG: @thembadgers
Part country and part punk, Them Badgers come from Olympia’s traditions of American folk music and irrepressible queer activism. They’ve lived these songs, in all of their exuberance and sorrow, misadventure and hilarity, and have laughed twice as hard as they’ve cried.
Them Badgers sing for people who are still searching, and for others who’ve lost what they’ve found and had to start over; people who love life and hate what’s become of it, who had to grow up too soon or never grew up at all.
They want you to know that there is no authority but yourself.

Caleb and the Monsthers
FB: @MonsterPartyCollective
IG: @calebandthemonsters

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