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Space Monkey Mafia, MultiPass, Simple Minded Symphony


FB: @flamska
One foot in the 90’s and one in the present, the unrestrained sounds of FLAM!’s punk ska will have you dancing and bouncing until your legs fall off. Hailing from Portland OR, their mixture of punk and ska will have your ears ringing and your feet tapping along with FLAM’s fun and furious horn marinated punk ska audio assault.

Space Monkey Mafia
FB: @spamonmaf
IG: @spacemonkeymafiaband
T: @MonkeyMobMpls
The story of Space Monkey Mafia is one that has only just started. This dynamic band of maestros has toured relentlessly in over 20 states, winning the hearts of every audience they’ve performed in front of. The band’s infectious sound is distinguished by high powered horn lines, stratospheric vocal harmonies, and innovative songwriting. Every member of the band writes music, bringing to the party more than just their own chops.


Simple Minded Symphony
FB: @simplemindedsymphony
IG: @simplemindedsymphony
T: @smstheband
Simple Minded Symphony is a 7-piece ensemble with a heavy, groovy sound profile. Hailing from the Emerald City, the band provides their own spin on indie ska-punk by way of driving rhythms and thoughtful horn melodies. Although in constant pursuit of musical boundaries, SMS’s goal remains the same: get the people movin’

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