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Sea Moss

Pregnant, Foot Ox


Sea Moss

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Pregnant was founded in 2008 by Northern Californian father and renaissance man, Daniel Trudeau. His interest in multiple genres of music teamed with his overflowing imagination led him to initially create music on his own. The project has burgeoned into multiple styles of live performance from soloist soundscapes designed with loop pedals and DAW’s to multi-faceted and difficult to explain 5 piece contemporary band stylings. Trudeau has collaborated with many if not all of his contemporaries to create albums that were exhibited live thorough self booked tours overseas in Asia and Europe as well as in and around several parts of the United States.
While there has never been any intentional aim towards a specific genre in Pregnant’s musical stylings it has settled at the bottom of the mining dish, mainly as psychedelic electronic pop music, and for lack of a better term.

Foot Ox
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Foot ox is an experimental and somewhat psychedelic folk band from Portland, Or. Originally formed in Tempe, AZ in 2007 . The music and lyrics inspired by dreams, deals with love, death, adventure, heartbreak and fear with indirect and abstract imagery. Unusual but subtle orchestration gives an impression of Intimacy even playing in front of large crowds. The sound swings from driving, upbeat full band, complex and rhythmic, to sparse, quiet emotional moments of vulnerability.

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