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Arkham Sunset

Auradev, Ghost Forest

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Arkham Sunset
Arkham Sunset is the ever-evolving solo endeavor of Portland based multi-instrumentalist and electronic producer Gerry Hathaway. With productions based solely around hardware digital & analog synthesis, Arkham Sunset kaleidoscopic discography touches on many different genres such as Synthpop, Darkwave, Ambient, Industrial, Krautrock, Drone, and more.

Hailing from the vibrant hub of Portland, Oregon, Auradev stands as both an electronic musician and multi-instrumentalist. Their sonic alchemy blends synthetic and organic elements, assembling a collage of nostalgia and psychedelia. Armed with a background in classical percussion and rudimental drumming, coupled with a deep affinity for hip-hop and breakbeats, they infuse their compositions with bursts of energy and rhythmic dynamism. While their work has drawn comparisons to luminaries like Boards of Canada and Oneohtrix Point Never, Auradev’s sound remains distinct—the merging of psychedelia and rhythmic minimalism gives birth to an incredibly accessible space-worthy performance.
At the very core of their style lies an interplay of meticulously-crafted textures, altered lofi recordings, and minimalist structures. Auradev’s artistic philosophy perceives sounds as living entities, each possessing its own lifecycle and concealed narratives that can subtly influence the subconscious. Ultimately, a commitment to encapsulating memories within sound, like capturing fleeting moments through the lens of a camera. In their own words, Auradev illustrates the essence of this approach: “Imagine, for instance, recording something onto a physical medium like tape. Now, envision leaving that tape on the dashboard of your car on a scorching summer day. When you return to this recording, you not only revisit the moment it was captured but also sense the sun’s imprint from that day, gently warping the tape. This tape has lived a lifecycle separate from the recorded instance. Whether listeners consciously grasp these nuances or not, they exist as a hidden context that we can feel.”

Ghost Fores
Ghost Forest is an instrumental rock project from Portland, Oregon. Refracting a myriad of influences through a minimalist setup, the bass and drum duo create songs that are hypnotic, heartfelt and heavy. For fans of El Ten Eleven, And So I Watch You From Afar and Silian Rail.

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