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girlfriend on the moon

Maria DeHart, Bitter Camari

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girlfriend on the moon
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girlfriend on the moon is a Los Angeles-based musical project comprised of guitarist and vocalist Tess Mueske (she/they), drummer Gabriella Turturro (she/her), and bassist Cori Robbins (she/her). All three members identify as lesbians, and the group writes songs touching on queer love, heartache, and navigating the world with their intersecting, fluid identities.

Maria DeHart

Bitter Camari
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black trans enby rapper from the USA; based out of PDX. shoegazy, sometimes ambient trap/drill-esque vibes. cloud rap energy. been working since ~2014.
I was raised in NYC and absorbed New England and Caribbean culture from my parents; recently, this has turned my ear towards UK drill, Afrobeats, and music from all over the diaspora.
I’m a major fan of dub, ambient, sleep, tea, being alone, and spending time in-person with my close ones.
I was around when cloud rap was coming into prominence with Lil B, Xaiver Wulf, and Yung Lean; I fell in love with the sound and its been a major influence on my approach to music and writing since. I love writing. much of my focus falls there when making work.
graphic design, videography, producing, songwriting, and journaling are some of my passions. i’m a lover of anticolonial literature and work.


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