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Postponed: Go Fever

10 Million Lights, Lab13


Go Fever

Ten Million Lights
Melody and noise. More, faster, bigger, louder. Ten Million Lights… 10ML… Ryan, Eric, Russ, Emily and Scott… create noisy, dreamy, psych-y pop that’s a little heavy, but all-organic and tasty. Their songs get stuck in your head, in the good way.

10ML ditched the drum machines and opted for more powerful live propulsion. The shimmer and sheen of reverb and delay were dialed down a notch. The touchstones might be familiar, but the pieces fit together in a new, thick and beautiful wash.

Lab13 is a post-punk, psych rock band from Portland, Oregon; a fuzzy blend of Wilco and The Velvet Underground.

Greg Lind (vocals) and Brian Richardson (guitar) bounced tracks between Portland and Brooklyn for ten years, building songs layer by layer in digital audio workstations. When Brian returned to Portland, the duo began rehearsing, recording, and building their vision. Lab13 is made whole by Colby Cavanaugh (bass) and Rand Raynor (drums).

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