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Ha Ha Harvest

Play Along

TICKETS $10/15

Get ready to rock out and laugh your socks off at Play Along, the ultimate comedy show where you become a rockstar for the night!

Get ready for a hilarious night of music and laughter at Kelly’s Olympian! Join us at this one-of-a-kind comedy show in Portland, OR, USA. With Play Along, you become the rockstar! . No musical talent required, just a sense of humor and a willingness to have a blast. Play Along, cohosted by comedians Evan Christian Goldt & Kasey Famous, is a stand up comedy show that invites you to join a band for the night!

Seriously. Everyone in the room is joining a band. A BYOInstrument experience, Play Along gives audiences and performers a chance to feel like rock stars(ish). A jam session intertwined with a stand up show, audience members are encouraged to bring an instrument of their choice and support the comics in performing a cover or original of their choice after each stand up set. We’ve had people bring trombones, recorders, accordions, electric kazoos, bass clarinets, and of course tons of guitars, all in the name of helping some very funny people cover songs like ‘Margaritaville’, ‘Night Moves’ & the oscar winning ‘Lose Yourself’.

Why wait to be talented to join a band? Just bring your crappy guitar to Play Along and laugh your way through the worst rendition of ‘Layla” you’ll ever hear.

Featuring: Virginia Jones
Michael Phelps
Abraham Tadesse
Jen Liv
Kyle Adams
Mama Fi
Issac Novak
James Hartenfeld


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