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Hovering Shrikes

Pegasister, Synthetic Slide


Hovering Shrikes
Hovering Shrikes is the latest iteration of more than a decade of collaboration between poet-lyricist Ryan Wilson and multi-instrumentalist and sound designer Casey Frantum.
Combining their shared love of cinematic storytelling, post-punk musical libertinism, and the cobbling together of disparate influences, the duo has been quietly forging a towering collection of songs over the past year.
Out now, Bang Dust features thirteen of these songs written together at a distance, amidst a flurry of cloud activity sending lyrics hurling in one direction and music in another until the pieces collided and fell to form new worlds.

“This just in: Rock and Roll band to play show of songs exclusively about monsters.”
Yes, but not just that- also books, film, fear, and the universe at large.
Portland, Oregon’s Pegasister.
Brought to life by the undead specter of “Heroes of History”-
An Ohio garage punk rock monstrosity recorded by Mike “Rep” Hummel, and embraced by the future.

Synthetic Slide

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