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How Strange It Is

Yellow Room, Babytooth


How Strange It Is
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Yellow Room
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Once described as “a golden birthday spent perfectly in solitude”, Yellow Room plays music that either defies duality or walks the line between it. When coalescing opposing qualities like sparseness and fullness, quiet and loud dynamic, or melancholy and wistful nostalgia, the trio explores the space between and aims for the sweet spots to lean into, taking influence from the likes of Bedhead, Big Thief, Sebadoh and others along the slowcore-indie-folk spectrum. Based in Portland, Oregon, Yellow Room released their first EP “Taking Care” on Good Cheer Records in 2019.

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Babytooth is the full band project of Portland, OR-based singer/songwriter Isabel Zacharias. Annie Fifter (Yellow Room) lends earworm guitar leads by turns distorted and crystal-clear, with Hugh Jepson (Soft Cheese, Moon Shy) behind the drums and Benson Chong splitting time between bass & keyboards.
Fitting into and elaborating on the lineage of Pacific Northwest indie, the songs skate back & forth between noisy melodic rock & twinkly folk experiments, recalling the scrappy ’90s/early-aughts rock of Built To Spill as much as the incisive lyrical focus of Damien Jurado or Mirah.
A first EP, Thataway, arrived in 2020 via cassette-only label Bud Tapes — and its subsequent success helped establish the imprint as a go-to curator of the ever-evolving Portland DIY scene. With a debut full-length set for release in 2022 via like-minded tape label Antiquated Future, Zacharias continues to pen literate, intimate song portraits of distraction and awareness, aging and loss, comic relief, the everyday, and how memories inform identity.

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Independent Venue Week brings together venues, rising and established artists, promoters, labels, media, and tastemakers for an international series of shows. The event has grown rapidly since Marauder brought it to the U.S. in 2018. Independent Venue Week 2021 featured more than 450 Shows, in more than 350 venues in all 50 States, D.C., and Puerto Rico. Founded in the UK by Sybil Bell in 2014, Independent Venue Week is a celebration of independently owned music, comedy, and performing arts venues. The event runs across the U.S. from July 11 – 17, 2022.

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