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In The Mourning

Lana Shea, To Bloom

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In The Mourning
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Lana Shea
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Lana Shea is a singer, rapper and songwriter from Portland and Los Angeles. She has been described as a “supertalent” with “delicate vocals and a seemingly effortless flow” (The Source). Shea’s unique style of sweet and sultry singing and melodic raps blends hip-hop, folk, soul and electronic to create a sound totally her own. Her sophomore EP Lemon Water was released in April 2022.

To Bloom
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At its core, To Bloom is vocalist Bruno Lopez-Vargas and guitarist Kevin Payne. They’ve been collaborating musically and creatively since their high school days back in 2010, and after the ebb and flow of numerous projects spanning more than a decade, the duo finally feels that they’ve found their voices with this endeavor. The name To Bloom pays homage to the musicians’ growth over the last 12 years – a project that finally captures their true vision and stylistic direction. Bassist Sean Dawson and drummer Logan Gardner, two local musicians with extensive experience both live and in the studio, are the newest members of the project. They provide a strong foundation for the band’s dynamic sound, thus allowing the project to reach its greatest potential.

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