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Inebriated, Hydrated, Faded


Comics tell jokes then one half gets high and the other gets drunk, then the audience gets to control what the comics joke about.
About this Event
Its a comedy party, not a comedy show!!!

Ken Hamlett and Steven Mayes are back with another Inebriated Hydrated Faded!!!

For those of you that don’t know what this shows about let me lay it down for ya.

We have 2 teams; inebriated and faded.

Each team has 2 members that will perform a comedy set sober. after their sober set the inebriated and faded teams will go and either become intoxicated or faded. They then come back and perform a second set, but here is the twist….they have to tell jokes OFF OF YOUR SUGGESTIONS. If you haven’t been to one of these shows before, you won’t want to miss this one!

Doors at 8:30PM

Shows at 9:30PM

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