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Jake William Capistran

Caleb and the Monsters, Mr. Monday


Jake William Capistran
FB: @JakeWilliamCapistran
IG: @jdoubleyousee

Caleb and the Monsters
FB: @MonsterPartyCollective
IG: @calebandthemonsters
“It’s Folkadelic”

Mr. Monday
FB: @senorlunes
IG: @mr_monday_music
Portland-based songwriter Andrew Gallagher’s new indie-pop project Mr. Monday is a
refreshing and relatable nod towards the plight of Nine-to-Fivers finding meaning in life.
Gallagher’s first EP, Gimme^8, showcased a range of songwriting styles, from indie-
pop to Bossa Nova-influenced rhythms, that captured local audiences at a sold-out
show in February 2020. Throughout the pandemic, Gallagher turned to social media to
grow his audience. Many livestreams later, Gallagher is ready to showcase two new
singles that show promise of what’s to come from this emerging, insightful songwriter.

A part of Portland Music Month

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