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Jakki and the Pink Smudge

Coma Girl, Heirloom


Jakki and the Pink Smudge

Coma Girl
IG: @notcomagirl
TK: @notcomagirl
Coma Girl is the stage name of Quin Saunders and her band. They play songs packed with ooey gooey pop-punk realness and are really cute too. You won’t be able to help learning all the words.

FB: @wearehairloom
IG: @weareheirloom
Heirloom is a 4-piece progressive folk-rock band based in Portland, OR. Founded in 2018 by front woman Maeve Greenleaf and drummer Kynwyn Sterling – the band combines beautiful tapping guitar riffs, vocal harmonies, odd time signatures, an energetic rhythm section and soaring violin parts.

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