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Jan Julius

Bitter Camari, Theresa Sweetheart, Melfry

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Monarch Booking presents

Jan Julius
Jan Julius is a non-binary hyperpop singer and producer from Portland, OR, subverting conventions of gender and genre in hard-hitting pop music that pairs detailed and aggressive production with richly emotional storytelling. They have brought their visceral live show to numerous venues around Portland, sharing stages with experimental electronic artists, club DJs, and pop singers alike. After self-releasing several EPs, they released their debut album, Meat Shot Idyllic, in June 2021 on Rhode Island label Noumenal Loom. A queer apocalypse of heavy dance beats, visceral sound design, and evocative lyrics, Meat Shot Idyllic shows Jan Julius celebrating the unstable queer utopias necessitated by life in the nihilistic dystopia of our capitalist present.

Bitter Camari
Instagram | Twitter
black trans enby rapper from the USA; based out of PDX. shoegazy, sometimes ambient trap/drill-esque vibes. cloud rap energy. been working since ~2014.
I was raised in NYC and absorbed New England and Caribbean culture from my parents; recently, this has turned my ear towards UK drill, Afrobeats, and music from all over the diaspora.
I’m a major fan of dub, ambient, sleep, tea, being alone, and spending time in-person with my close ones.
I was around when cloud rap was coming into prominence with Lil B, Xaiver Wulf, and Yung Lean; I fell in love with the sound and its been a major influence on my approach to music and writing since. I love writing. much of my focus falls there when making work.
graphic design, videography, producing, songwriting, and journaling are some of my passions. i’m a lover of anticolonial literature and work.


Theresa Sweetheart
Instagram | Twitter
Hi! I’m theresa sweetheart. A totally normal girl with a totally normal attitude. I sound just like everyone else, and I look great doing it! When I’m not playing guitar (I looooooooove music) I go on Tinder, shop at Target, listen to Spotify, watch Netflix, eat McDonald’s, or just chill. I take my iPhone everywhere I go! It makes me feel good to have a camera on me at all times. I love knowing I’m being watched! You can see me online on Bandcamp, Youtube, Instagram and more!


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