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Kid Leisure

Spitt The Kid, Stains of Leisure, Paul Riola

TICKETS $12/15

Alternative Hip-Hop and Electronic Music Collide in a Groundbreaking Album Release Show

Renowned producer Spitt, the Kid and award-winning sound artist The Stains of Leisure join forces to present an extraordinary evening of music, featuring nationally recognized electronic music and free jazz saxophonist Paul Riola. This one-of-a-kind event will be like no other with its fusion of genres, showcasing the power and innovation of alternative hip-hop, electronic music, and experimental sounds.

The first half of the performance will be a live rendition of their new album ‘Episode:One’ featuring the talented and insightful lyricists Julian Outlaw, Stephen Fowler, Zane Thomas, The Stains of Leisure and the fluid and hypnotizing vocals of Drowsy.

Following the album showcase, the trio of Spitt, the Kid, The Stains of Leisure, and Paul Riola will delve into an electrifying second half, filled with uptempo experimental electronic dance music that will have you moving to the synth driven beats as these avant-garde musicians push the boundaries of electronic music and deliver an unforgettable performance.

Spitt the Kid
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Producer Spitt, the Kid has consistently pushed the envelope in the alternative hip-hop scene, crafting unique soundscapes that blend genres and defy expectations with a distinct production style and a long list of captivating collaborations.

The Stains of Leisure
Award-winning sound artist The Stains of Leisure has garnered recognition for their innovative approach to sound design and composition. Known for their ability to seamlessly blend electronic elements with experimental sounds, they have created a distinct sonic signature that pushes the boundaries of traditional music.

Paul Riola
Paul Riola is a nationally recognized electronic music and free jazz saxophonist who has made a name for himself through his exceptional talent and captivating performances. With a deep understanding of improvisation and a musical perspective steeped in freeform Jazz, Riola brings a dynamic energy to the stage and is always pushing to expand the boundaries of his craft.

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