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Kota Dorris

Swinging, Frumpy Therapist


Kota Dorris
Kota Dorris was born and raised in Olympia and has played music across the South Sound from a young age. For the last ten years Kota has used his music as a stage for self reflection and understanding, writing on the concepts of family, identity and finding purpose in life through creating art. Kota’s deepest inspiration comes from the legacy of transformative Americana artists in country, blues and folk. These influences can be heard in both his solo work, and his full band performances.


Frumpy Therapist
Mahalia and Katie met in graduate school for counseling and instantly clicked. Their friendship began with long walks with their dogs throughout the neighborhoods in southeast Portland. They were both creating music in separate projects at the time (Rude Wife and Slow Dress) and after countless talks about vulnerability and creating art, they decided to try writing together. Between bouts of deep belly laughter, they dove quickly and deeply into the intimacy that songwriting requires. Drawing from their love of artists such as Phoebe Bridgers, Julia Jacklin, and Big Thief they write on themes of love, grief, depression, and uncertainty.

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