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Krill Image

Elly Swope, AV Futures


Warble Records presents:

Krill Image (aka: Krill Bumps, Sustentacula) began 10 years ago when two Portland musicians bonded over their shared love of odd time signatures, ambient loop music, and jamaican dancehall.

What started out as an off-kilter, laptop and drum-set pop band slowly morphed into an evolving experiment in improvised electronic music made live without computers.

Descriptions are difficult, but try to imagine a sort of amniotic tropicalia or junk-store sludge-hop; or a living, breathing garbage-cloud-painting, grooving across the sky on a dub-scented breeze.
Cassette tape loops and curious spoken word abound in the mix.

Elly Swope is a multi-instrumentalist known for her lilting vocals and forceful, angular guitar work. Based in Portland, OR, Swope has been a live member of several well-known bands, including Kelli Schaefer, Roseblood, Genders, Sunbathe, Deathlist, and the Ghost Ease. Her technical mastery of many aspects of music is combined with a truly profound take on the minutiae of life. Dealing with major life changes in the beginning of 2017 that were spurred by a break-up, Swope found herself more and more immersed in the thriving Portland music scene. Living in a campervan, she started playing more and more while also spending time working at Destination: Universe to hone her skills as a recording engineer. This combination of personal loss transforming into personal growth is readily evident in the evolving nature of Swope’s music and her deeply personal but clearly relatable lyrics.

AV Futures
Founded in 2019 in Portland, Oregon, AV Futures stirs a compelling mix of 70’s, 80’s and 90’s inspired synth-pop and disco into their catchy original compositions. Singer/keyboardist/violinist Camelia Nine delivers soaring melodies above David LiaBraaten’s rich bed of synthesizers and arpeggios, while Christopher Rose locks in bouncing basslines atop Andy Brown’s metronomic drumming.
AV Futures was formed after drummer Andy Brown and keyboardist/vocalist David LiaBraaten’s previous band, Coronation, was put on hold after their 2018 release, Silicon Days, and a song on the 2018 PDX Pop Now! Compilation. After recording a few demos, they cast a net for collaborators and quickly found vocalist Camelia Nine. Longtime friend and collaborator Christopher Rose agreed to round out the sound on bass guitar.
When not working on her solo project, Beautiful Brute, music educator Camelia Nine can also be seen in Portland-based, classic French vocal trio, Bergerette. Andy Brown’s musical track record includes playing keyboards in 90’s space rock group, Jessamine, Southern Lord jazz/rock fusion artists, Fontanelle, and drumming for Portland ambient rockers, Paint and Copter, as well as quirky pop group, Miss Massive Snowflake. David LiaBraaten cut his teeth organizing raves in the early 2000’s and forming industrial-pop duo, Disgustitron. Bassist Christopher Rose has been singing and playing guitar either solo or in groups for over two decades.
Sounds like: Berlin ,Sade, Tom Tom Club, LCD Soundsystem, Massive Attack.

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