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Lloyd Daylight

an OCEAN, Sit Pretty


Lloyd Daylight
Lloyd Daylight formed as a bedroom recording project in Portland OR 4 years ago. In an attempt to put our spin on the Chicago bedroom sound we created our first album “Oranje” though we mostly perform songs from our upcoming release “Bravery”.
We now create and perform empathetic party vibes!

Sit Pretty
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Bred but not born in Portland Oregon, the cats that make up Sit Pretty convened in a basement studio in 2018, deciding to create a focal point for each of their nearly decade-long music career in the area. The resulting blend of noisy sonic textures, tight beats and gentle melodies made them happy and they hope it makes you happy too.

an OCEAN is a live loop based experimental project bridging the gaps between pop, folk, rock, hip hop etc. heavily improvised, it’s always fun to find out where this music takes us

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