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Mariah Houston

Worthitpurchase, Darci Phenix

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Mariah Houston

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Worthitpurchase exists in the hyperreal. The west coast outfit’s youthful and homemade songs recall the experimental pop sensibilities of The Microphones and the oblique pinpoint lyricism of David Berman, all while sounding like you’re eavesdropping on two close friends.
Nicole Rowe and Omar Akrouche met on SoundCloud in 2015 and have been finishing each other’s songs since, despite hardly ever living in the same city— Rowe currently resides in San Francisco and Akrouche in Los Angeles. Their debut Dizzy Age (2020) was self-produced and recorded during nocturnal sessions at the late Tiny Telephone in San Francisco, where an eclectic array of gear provided the perfect conditions for the record to form through moments of curiosity, improvisation and spontaneity.
With the recent addition of longtime collaborator Eric Van Thyne, the trio spent the pandemic refining their intimate and diaristic take on songwriting. Their sophomore LP, Truthtelling, is out on August 5th, 2022.

Darci Phenix
Darci Phenix is a folk singer based in Portland, Oregon. She spent most of her early years on peoples’ shoulders at bluegrass and folk festivals, seeing musicians like John Prine and Emmylou Harris, and in her mom’s camper van visiting national parks. From jamming with friends at campouts to having artists nights at their house, Phenix’s mother, a public defender turned musician, taught Darci that music is first and foremost about community. As an adult, Darci’s songwriting has taken her to Wyoming, where she lived in an RV Park with a cowboy and to the doorstep of her soulmate friend and 92 year old poet, Kathryn Hohlwein; both of which experiences inspired her latest release Wishbone (Team Love Records). Gold Flake Paint has described her music as “a delicate paper doll’s house, revealing its rooms one by one.

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