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Mawlee Jones Band

Shandi Evans, Saint Babe


Mawlee Jones Band
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Reverberating raunchy tonk from the Pacific Northwest, The Mawlee Jones Band is rounding up delinquents with hootin’, tootin’, out-ball-country. This band of bizarre bandits have a twangy, swamp-witch sound that is punishably good— from belly-aching ballads to fruity cowboy rendezvous tales, they’re confessing the reality of backwoods queer love and eroticism.

Saint Babe
Saint Babe is a forceful weft of fuzzy, thumping, psych-rock texture and experimental, laid-back, ambient space.
Their sneaky powerhouse female front and duetting guitarist often steer the music into fierce rawness, then abruptly opposite towards soft melodic heart.
Big muff bass, wicked organ, and feral drums pulsify and contain the soulful, swinging pendulum. There is lore that no Saint Babe song is ever played the same way twice. Their lyricism encourages introspection, connection, evolution, dissection of the human experience.
The result is best analogized by head banging while hugging a tree.
The divine in us sees the divine in you… Saint Babe is going on.

Shandi Evans

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