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Monarch Presents: Mila

Kelsey Magnuson, sunbaby


Monarch presents:
IG: @monarchbookingpdx

IG: @milatheband
The dream of the 90s is alive in Mila Mila, an upstart four-piece inspired by rock bands ranging from Hole and Sonic Youth to Duster and Hum. Hailing from the pastures of North Texas, guitarist and songwriter Taz Coffey brings a touch of twang to the band’s dreamy, droney instrumentals, which come courtesy of master bass slapper Ethan Bear, waterfall-enthusiast drummer Shawn “Shaggy” Bolker, and cinephile guitarist Brendan Nagle.

Kelsey Magnuson
IG: @kelseymagnuson
Kelsey Magnuson is a singer songwriter whose songs are influenced by the lyric heavy indie rock musicians Haley Hendericxks and Julie Doiron. Combining her femme folk sound with bandmates Ian Francis, and Robin Caromosino’s catchy backing riffs they create relatable tunes that pull from their mutual midwestern hearted backgrounds.

FB: @this.sunbaby
IG: @s.u.n.b.a.b.y
sunbaby is an artist with body, voice, and words experimenting improvising processing & living as goddess-on-earth. Their work is concerned with vulnerability, healing, dreams, prophecy, and the nature of creativity and dreams.

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