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Mood Beach, No Aloha, and Butter


Mood Beach

No Aloha
No Aloha

Butter: Before they were Butter, Aaron Schmidt, Tom Shipley, and Jarrett Tracy met working as musicians for hire at a church in Salem, OR. After almost a year of playing together, they decided to team up and see what they could accomplish working creatively rather than professionally. In June of 2015, the trio moved to Portland with the intention of starting a new, fresh project. In short time, they had begun writing and arranging songs under the name Butter, starting with their first release “Fuck L.A.” Tom’s powerful and intricate bass lines, Jarrett’s rock-steady drums, and Aaron’s meticulous guitar arrangements and vocal melodies mixed to create groovy and bright pop songs rooted in funky and danceable rhythms. After some workshopping at the basement house show venue known as The Psychic Reader, Butter found an audience and began playing venues and house shows all over Portland.

As the band’s calendar quickly started getting filled with local shows, mini-tours, and video/photo shoots, Aaron Schmidt’s songwriting notebook followed suit. With pop artists like Dawes, the Strokes, and Bruce Springsteen as the foreground, and Kanye West’s hip-hop sensibilities guiding the way, the Butter boys started cranking out more material. In September 2016 they recorded their self-titled debut EP at Trash Treasury with the assistance of Adam Becker and Chris Ward. After Adam Gonsalves at Telegraph Audio Mastering worked his magic, they released the EP almost a year later in September 2017.

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