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Dream Warp

Moonside, Sam Darko, Serpent

TICKETS $10/13

birthed from the prohibition of the consumption of “worldly music” and raised by the depths of the early internet and an insatiable fascination with technology, moonside has been tinkering with music software since as far back as they can remember. having to reverse songs on audacity to check for “demonic messages” before being able to enjoy them because of religious parents, and pirating music on limewire for people in their neighborhood as a child, moonside had a strong grasp on the technical aspects of music production at an early age. amassing thousands of plays on soundcloud prior to any kind of formal education. ignoring any kind of pigeon holing, and dabbling in everything from the plunderphonic lofi hiphop sound collages from tracks such as “ultraviolet” and “MK Ultra” to meticulously deconstructed 90s R&B samples and UK Garage influenced drum patterns of tracks like “XXXTTTCCCYYY” to the synth heavy and explosive night core esque and hardstyle production styles of their “TECHNICA EP” to the gritty and depressive indie croonings of “you’re the devil in my ear, the lover in my backseat (strawberry blood)”. as a self proclaimed “swiss army knife in human form” and with hundreds of songs yet to be released, there is no stopping this artistic powerhouse.

Sam Darko
doused in influences ranging from mcr to underscores, sam darko creates a dark experience that is reminiscent of the theatrics of queen and early panic! at the disco. mixing classical sounds, distorted basses, and complex guitar arrangements over break beats and hyperpop inspired break downs, sam darko is no stranger to breaking a few rules. a sam darko performance is a potion made from… melodrama, c*nt, mosh pits, blood, sweat, and tears.

Serpent is an up-and-coming solo experimental electronic project based in Portland, Oregon. Serpent’s sound can be described as a blend of electronic, industrial, and plunderphonics, with influences ranging from 70s proto-punk/avant-garde to 90s-2010s electronic/pop. Serpent uses a variety of samples, field recordings, pedals, and virtual effects during live performances in order to provide a sonically improvisational experience. Serpent has been releasing music on streaming platforms since 2016 and has an evergrowing catalog with new boundaries being pushed with every project.

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