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Moss Wand

Canadensis, Taranoya


Moss Wand
As Moss Wand, Troy Micheau and Brianna Sas explore the intersection of sound and healing with cascades of synthesizer drones and resonant crystal singing bowls. Together they generate deep healing vibrations to provide all beings with a place to rest and come home to themselves.

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Canadensis is the Portland-based music duo consisting of Tom Asselin (Shifting Harbor) and Dee Fylstra (Folian). The duo met when Tom found out that Dee built a recording studio in the same building out in the woods of Northeast Pennsylvania that Tom rented to record the last Dragon Turtle album. They wound up recording most of their first album, Chance, less than an hour after meeting each other. The space that brought them together was in the Poconos town of Canadensis.


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