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Postponed: No Aloha

Black Monroe, Gaybysitter, talk2strangers


No Aloha

Black Monroe
Operatic macabre electro-pulsing pop jams from the fingers and feet of a vocal powerhouse.
It was a sunny Sunday afternoon in October, 1989, when famed R&B singer Bobby Womack fired a young sound engineer for leaving his session to see the birth of his daughter. That child would grow up to define her own genre, Doo Hop. Mixing stylistic elements of Doo Wop vocal harmonies, Hip Hop back beats and 80’s synthesizers; musical artist Black Monroe is a nostalgic pioneer in today’s pop music scene


talk2strangers grew up singing in a gospel choir in Southern Illinois while obsessively listening to a mixture of Late 90s R&B, Hip Hop & Americana, & it shows. Although it transcends any one genre, the music is held together by a penetratingly soulful voice & confessional lyrics that are deeply personal, yet universally understood & comforting. Like a good friend who shakes you into reality, each song hits you with the truth, but leaves you with a warmth that feels like a really good hug. Talk2Strangers makes music to build community. They encourage folx to dance, sing & clap along, & to meet friends at their shows.
if ya gotta gift, then you gotta give it

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